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NY Times: Paying per class looks like the new trend in fitness studios

Spinning Cycling Studio prosper using pay per class
Where is everyone?

Barbara Hoots tipped me off to this article in the New York Times. It discusses the trend away from monthly memberships to more “pay-as-you-go” services.

Full-Service Gyms Feel a Bit Flabby

These days, “loyalty has dropped dramatically,” said Casey Conrad, a consultant with 25 years in the fitness industry. One reason: A decade ago, full-service gyms didn’t offer today’s “unbundled” memberships that let consumers choose what perks to pay for. Some fitness seekers have been trying an à la carte approach, taking specialized pay-as-you-go classes like those offered by the stationary-cycling competitors Flywheel Sports andSoulCycle, or Core Fusion at the Exhale Spa, rather than committing to a gym membership.

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