Would This Improve Your Classes?

music too loud

Do you really know when your class music is at exactly the right sound level?

That it’s not too loud so it’s unsafe… or is bothering your neighbors next door.

But not too quiet that you miss out on that wonderful energy?

How about the level of your microphone… is it adjusted so your voice and cues are easily understood by your class?

I’ve been frustrated with not knowing this for years. My studio has what I call a cone of silence – with the front speakers pointing away from my position on the instructor bike, I don’t hear what my participants are hearing.


Often I find that I over compensate, playing the music too low = I miss out on much of the energy music (at the perfect safe volume) can create.

Other Instructors teaching in this room appear to be clueless = what sounds good for them is dangerously loud for the riders right in front of the speakers.

I got tired of waiting for someone else to find a solution and decided to try and fix this myself.

I have a buddy who’s an engineer and he built a prototype of a visual sound meter – specifically designed for fitness studios.

Next we launched an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds to complete the design and start production.

View our campaign here


Your feedback (positive or negative) is very important – please let us know if you feel this could improve the quality of your fitness classes.

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