MINDBODY Connect looks very cool – have you tried it?

MINDBODY Connect iPhone and Android for Indoor Cycling and fitness studios

MINDBODY sent me an email announcement about their new Connect App for Apple or Android devices. By leveraging the GPS location service in a user’s device (40% of all class registrations are by phones), Connect will display all the service providers near by that are using MINDBODY Online.

This App is very clever, benefiting both you as a studio and your current (and future) customers.

Not to mention completely free for you and your customers.

I saw this comment on their page in the iTunes store:

Love this soooo much! I can see my schedule across all my favorite wellness providers, buy class passes and other services as needed. And, I don’t need to go to each individual website to find class schedules, phone numbers, etc. It’s all in one place. No more multiple logins

In the past, we have encouraged studio owners to optimize their listings in Google Places/Maps and on Yelp, for the purpose of making sure your studio appears in location based searches. You can think of MINDBODY Connect as another location based search tool, where fitness minded customers can discover your studio and then easily find a class.

Here’s a short video that describes some of the features.

Build a¬†relationship… starting with your greeting.

If you saw the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, you may remember how people are instantly identified (through a high-tech eye scan) as they walk into a retail store. The interactive merchandise displays changed to reflect the information on file for each new customer as they walk by.

Hearing; “Hello Mr. Macgowan, we have your cycle reserved and ready for you” from a front desk attendant as I walk into your studio, would be a nice initial touch point. While MINDBODY Connect doesn’t include any sophisticated scanning technology, it does know exactly where I am – as long as I have my iPhone in my pocket – which I do close to 100% of my day.

If you aren’t using MINDBODY you can give it a 30 day test drive here.

MINDBODY users will want to confirm their studio’s listing on both platforms. You can download Connect for Apple and Android¬†





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