Bicycle Shoe SPD Cleat Adjustment Tool You Need

Ergon SPD Cleat adjusting tool
I’m wasn’t sure if you saw this at post at about this amazing Ergon tool for adjusting your participants SPD cleats.

This $25 tool is very easy to use and, with 100% of Indoor Cycles featuring SPD pedals, it would make perfect sense for you to have one in your club or studio.

Profitably operating a boutique studio comes down to providing great classes and phenomenal service. I can’t think of an easier way you can demonstrate your commitment to both than to offer a custom cleat fitting as part of a shoe sale or membership / ride card package.
The trick would be to assign a value to this service; Cleat adjustments $20.00 and post it for your customers to see. Then you could sell it or include it as a value added service along with something a customer does pay for.

I found that I was actually enjoying how easy it was to adjust all the shoes in our house. Watch this video to see for yourself.

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