Review of the FreeMotion s11.9 Indoor Cycle with Power

freemotion s11.9 indoor training cycle with power

The club where I teach has purchased a dozen of the FreeMotion s11.9 Indoor Cycles that include the Console with Power Sensor that displays power in watts, cadence, heart rate and gives you the averages for everything. The other 40 cycles are the new Schwinn AC Performance indoor cycles – 12 of them with the updated Mpower Consoles. I’m  planning to review both of these new cycles over the next couple of months.

Because there is a lot of information about the Schwinn already available online, I felt that I should start with the FreeMotion. It also doesn’t hurt that they will be at our conference this fall in Boston.

I see this as a potentially good choice for your club or studio. This review is a work in progress and I will be adding to it over the next two months. I have it available here:

Freemotion s11.9 Indoor Cycle / bike with power meter.

2 thoughts on “Review of the FreeMotion s11.9 Indoor Cycle with Power

  1. What is the proper way to remove the flash memory from the bike when you are done? Do you have to use the right hand summary button?
    Does this button have multi- functions?


    1. Hi Bob – my understanding and experience is you want to run a summary at the end of class = press and hold the RH button until you see results. This writes to the flashdrive. But I don’t think you necessarily have to do this. If you’re USB has an indicator light you see the console is writing to the drive each time you hit the Stage button.

      Does that answer your question?

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