Help your Instructors promote their individual classes with FourSquare

Use foursquare to market your spinning studio

I have also posted this article for ICI/PRO Members.

As a studio owner you’re limited to the time you have available for marketing. Why not ask your Instructors to help by promoting their individual classes using FourSquare?

Here’s how they can do it …
The other day a received a request from an ICI/PRO member to join FourSquare, the social media site where you can check in, so other people know where to find you. Like Yelp, FourSquare acts as a search engine to find where there friends are, in the hope to meet up with them. You can also leave and read reviews there. I hadn’t spent any time there so I decided to check it out to see what I could do with it to promote my class. At first I thought that only actual businesses could create a listing. Instead I discovered you can create a listing for anything that is an actual place, even if you don’t technically own or manage the facility. I saw listings for specific seat rows at a concert, events in a local park and even a listing for a specific airline flight to Europe – maybe they were interested in who they would be sitting next to for eight hours.
Here’s a link for my 5:45 AM Monday morning class that I created in about 5 minutes. Note: I created this listing without any help (or permission) from the club where I teach. You may want to review your Instructor’s listings once they are completed 🙂


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It was very easy and here’s how you can create your listing (s) – there’s no reason not to create a listing for each of your classes.

  1. Signup with FourSquare using this link.
  2. Log in and search for your class in the search box.
  3. It will probably not show your listing – no problem 🙂
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and find: Don’t see the place you’re looking for? Add a new venue to foursquare
  5. In the name field I suggest; Your Name, Time/Date and the Key Words that describe your class.
  6. In the address field; Club Name and address.
  7. Then fill out the other fields – you may want to use the club’s phone number.
  8. Click save when completed.
  9. You will then see your new listing. Check that the marker on the map is in the correct place. If it’s not you can click and drag it to the proper location.

Now when anyone searches for a Spin class near Minnetonka, MN they will find:

Use FourSquare to promote your spinning class
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While they are at it maybe one of your Instructors can create a business listing for you studio, if you don’t already have one. Don’t forget to claim it once it’s completed so you can add links and descriptions.


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