Larry “Link” Russell Shares How He is Building His Business with ZONING Fitness

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Sally Edwards copied me on the following email and I thought you might be interested to learn how one fitness professional is making bank, while improving the health and fitness of his members.

Hi, ZONING Specialists … I want to share with you the words written by Larry Link and how he is growing his personal training/groupX/coaching/indoor cycling IC business with ZONING programs.

Here’s what Larry “Link” wrote

Introduction: I am Link Russell and I have been a personal trainer for 15 years and an indoor cycling instructor as well. Heart Zones and ZONING have been the perfect progression to get me and my clients to the next level of fitness. I am now a ZONING specialist and Level 3+ CHZT, Certified Heart Zone Trainer.

Why: Bringing patented heart rate threshold training to the studio and to others has provided the missing link in the understanding how to train for increased fitness and weight management. All the tools for teaching this patented threshold system are available at

The Blink: Once you are familiar with the Blink heart rate monitor you can teach the system to your clients one on one or in small groups. This can be done on an individual basis in an hour and two hours in a group setting.

Pricing: You can make from $50-100 per private session above your wholesale cost of the Blink. If you are teaching a group workshop at another facility where they supply the Blinks, I charge $250 for my two hour presentation. I have a ZONING Fitness Workshop next week and my advertised price with me supplying the Blink is $149 per person.
The studio gets a kick back but I still make $50 per student.

No Brainer: I hope this information helps answer some questions you might have about how I use ZONING programming in my business. ZONING Fitness is a money maker and one of the most important fitness tools you can (simply) add to your tool box!

Learn more: Listen to my Podcast interview with John Macgowan from ICI/PRO  titled: Larry Link Russell makes $500 in a Blink – And so can you!

Larry Link Russell

Heart Zones Certified Trainer
ZONING Specialist

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