Has anyone proofread your website? Part 1

Twice this week I wanted to find the physical address for two Indoor Cycling Studios. Both times I was unsuccessful finding it on their websites…

The first was when I received an inquiry about attending the ICI/PRO conference. I followed the link in the owner’s email signature to see where they were located. I clicked every link on the site… no address anywhere. Then I searched for a Google Places listing… nothing.

Please check out this post about what I see as step #1 for marketing your Indoor Cycling Studio.

Today I had a similar experience. Their website name does include the town where they are located, but no address is listed anywhere I could find it. Because I knew to look, I was able to find a very complete Google Places listing that answered my question.

Most of us have a kind of tunnel vision when it comes to reviewing something we have created. I know that I can easily re-read something I have written and my brain will add in some missing word. That’s why I have Angela, my part-time assistant. One of her regular tasks is to proofread my websites for typos, missing and misspelled copy. If she finds something she will go in and make any needed changes. This works great up to a point, with Angela finding and correcting obvious errors. Because she isn’t in the fitness industry and she isn’t an Instructor, Angela can’t know what’s; missing, confusing or factually inaccurate, in what she is reading.

My point here is that “discovering” you have overlooked some key website function, or piece of information, maybe for weeks, months or longer, is not good for your Studio business.

Beyond typos and miss-spellings, have you had someone else proofread your website for:

  • Easy to find Contact, Location and Class Registration information?
  • Every link goes to where it’s supposed to go?
  • MBO links are all formated correctly and test purchases go through completely?
  • Your email subscription signup works as intended?

Once you having everything tested and functioning properly, the next step should be proofreading your on-line findability. Stay tuned for Part 2

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