Green beer for your water bottle?

Green beer in your spinning class

I travelling to Boston to meet with Bill Pryor and some members of the ICI/PRO Team of contributers on the 16th of this month. Bill insisted on my participating in his St. Patrick’s Day Spin class. I agreed on the condition that there would be an ample supply of beer for my water bottle… for after class of course.

Are you actively planning theme based Indoor Cycling classes around established holidays?

More importantly, are you promoting these events on your studio’s website, as part of your content marketing strategy?

I’m going to guess that for many of us there are multiple St. Patrick’s Day events occurring that would be of interest to the fitness minded in your town. An article describing your studio’s event details a few weeks before the event will ensure maximum attendance. Tie in some specific info about the start time and location of other events can easily bring you some additional traffic, and maybe a few new customers.



2 thoughts on “Green beer for your water bottle?

  1. Hahaha…only YOU would think of that. Actually, a kid in my class came up with something similar. He drank WATER from an empty Vodka bottle. Really…… He was on the front row and kept chugging Absolute. It was a great practical joke….. 🙂

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