Cool Bike Reservation System Knows Who’s Riding

Reserve your spot in a cycling class

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I hadn’t experienced an Indoor Cycling studio that offered reserved seats before. It had me feeling like a VIP when Amy and I visited CB CyclebarnKaren Casler’s studio last month. Very Cool 🙂

The website system she uses integrates her Mindbody account with the class rider data collected by Performance IQ. I thought you might like to see the string of conformation and followup emails the system creates automatically.

First let’s reserve a spot in the class. I didn’t think to take a screen shot at the time so I’m showing tomorrow’s schedule.

Indoor cycle bike spot reservation system
Better hurry and sign up now for Jen’s 7 am class! There’s only 2 spots left.

Next you select your bike – just like picking a seat on an airplane or at a concert. The image is for Bart’s 11:00 am class. Note how you can pick a bike that has your type of pedals.

Select your bike in the indoor cycling class

Once you’ve completed your purchase you receive a conformation email – all this happens automatically. 

Bike reservation conformation email
Having a confirmed seat, in a sold out class, is awesome.

A friendly reminder is appreciated by scatter brains like me.

spin® bike reservation system

After the class I checked my email and saw all of my performance data. I wasn’t wearing a heart rate strap in this class. If I had that data would show as well.

Indoor Cycle Performance date email
Receiving this information had me wanting to return to see if I could improve my average.

Amy and I were very impressed by this system and feel it will really get your participants excited about training with power on a consistent schedule! The website integration system is offered by LiveEdit and will work with these Indoor Cycles with power; FreeMotion S11.9, Spinner® Blade Ion and the Schwinn AC Performance.

Disclosure – Amy recently joined LiveEdit as a representative, specializing in helping new Indoor Cycling Studios. She would enjoy answering your questions. or feel free to call her 612-805-7644

1 thought on “Cool Bike Reservation System Knows Who’s Riding

  1. Hi there,
    I’m a techie at heart and co-founder for Wheel I think you’re article is great and something cycling studio owners need to read. There is no boundary for merging technology and fitness and your only limitation is your imagination. At Wheel House our clients can go online book a specific bike, invite their friends who have never been to a class and get compensated for it and receive calendar invites for bookings made etc. Our studios have personal remote controlled fans, automatic blinds with industrial TV screens that can be controlled remotely to project an entire video/light and cycle show. The point is: Technology can be used in ways that grip our members and motivate them to return again and again given we simplify and streamline their fitness life.

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