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Secrets of a successful studio – interview with studio owner Karen Casler from CB Cyclebarn

CB Cyclebarn Karen Casler
CB Cyclebarn was recently voted the top Indoor Cycling studio in Orange County, CA.

The “Barn”, as it’s affectionately known, is run by first time business owner / Instructor Karen Casler. Karen shares with us a number of the secrets of her success in the interview below:

  1. Her total focus on customer service.
  2. Using technology effectively.
  3. Offering a diversity of classes to reach the broadest audience.
  4. Recruiting and retaining the best indoor cycling instructors.
  5. Some Instructors don’t fit – what to do next…
  6. Not all customers fit either…

Studio details:

CB Cyclebarn 372 Camino de Estrella San Clemente, CA 92672

(949)303-3112  Email:

Indoor Cycles: FreeMotion S11.9

In class display system of rider performance metrics: Performance IQ 

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Understanding Fitness Instructor Professional Liability Insurance

Discount Low Cost Fitness Instructor Professional Liability Insurance

I’ve cross posted this from and it maybe of value to your Instructors.

During the interview below, my guest Coleen Kelly makes a good point about how studio owners should be asking to be listed as an “additionally insured” on your instructor’s professional liability policies.

Indoor Cycling is experiencing a boom, with new bouquet studios popping up pretty much everywhere. This is great because all these new studios = more places for us to teach. But there’s a small catch. Many of these new studios hire Fitness Instructors as independent contractors, not as true employees, but it shouldn’t scare you away from teaching there.

There are multiple advantages for teaching as a self-employed contractor (you may be able to expense your fitness clothes and mileage) and a few disadvantages. The biggest being there’s a very good chance the studio’s general liability insurance won’t protect you if someone gets hurt and sues you personally for millions of dollars 🙁

Professional Liability Insurance is designed to protect Instructors (you) and your family’s financial assets, in the event that you’re sued by a client. Many fitness businesses require contractors to have their own policy.

In a previous post; Low Cost Fitness Instructor Professional Liability Insurance I explain where I found a great deal (saved us $58.00) on an annual policy for Amy. I contacted the company for someone to interview and they provided Coleen Kelly, their Vice President Program Management for Aon Affinity and  HPSO – Healthcare Providers Service Organization where we purchased Amy’s insurance.

Listen to my interview below (sound quality is low as we couldn’t use Skype) and if you have additional questions you can call HPSO’s info line 1.800.982.9491