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2011 Indoor Cycle Instructor and Studio Owner Conference

The 2011 ICI/PRO conference is ready for your registration!

This year we are offering four different instructor certifications from education providers Cycling Fusion and Stages Indoor Cycling.

45 conference sessions in total, with 16 designed to be of interest to Cycling Studio owners.

We are offering to levels of participation:

  • Instructors – includes access to all the workshops, rides and lectures $249.00
  • Studio Owner – a reduced price registration for those of you interested in attending the informational sessions and networking opportunities to meet with other studio owners. $149.00

Here’s the link for more information.

NY Times: Paying per class looks like the new trend in fitness studios

Spinning Cycling Studio prosper using pay per class
Where is everyone?

Barbara Hoots tipped me off to this article in the New York Times. It discusses the trend away from monthly memberships to more “pay-as-you-go” services.

Full-Service Gyms Feel a Bit Flabby

These days, “loyalty has dropped dramatically,” said Casey Conrad, a consultant with 25 years in the fitness industry. One reason: A decade ago, full-service gyms didn’t offer today’s “unbundled” memberships that let consumers choose what perks to pay for. Some fitness seekers have been trying an à la carte approach, taking specialized pay-as-you-go classes like those offered by the stationary-cycling competitors Flywheel Sports andSoulCycle, or Core Fusion at the Exhale Spa, rather than committing to a gym membership.

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Benefits of indoor cycling: Inform yourself !

This is an area of the blog where we hope studio owners will share information about the physical, psychological, emotional or even spiritual benefits of this unique workout.  Those benefits may come from your own experience, or you may want to cite articles and research for various sources.  One key to keeping your community of cyclists engaged — is to constantly educate and inform.  Become the expert.  When you do, your studio will benefit from the positive association.   Whether you communicate via newsletter, via blog, via facebook or just via conversations at the studio — it is good to keep yourself apprised of fitness trends and especially the documented benefits of indoor cycling.

Positive affects of exercise on mental health and stress

Benefits of cardio exercise from

Indoor cycling, exercise and your brain

Do you have other articles, source or ideas to share so we can spread the word?  Love to hear them!

Welcome to CyclingStudio.Org

This is a place for studio owners to call their own.   A place to share information, to learn, to get new ideas and to spread the word on the benefits of this workout and the benefits of this business!   After seeing the ground swell of interest in starting and running independent Spinning® or Indoor Cycling Studios, studio owner and business consultant Bill Pryor from Spynergy Consulting and John Macgowan host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast felt that studio owners would benefit from having a place where they can learn from and connect with other studio owners.  Here it is!  Your thoughts, feedback, contributions and comments are much appreciated.  Join us today by clicking the link below.

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