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Bringing consistency to your Indoor Cycle saddle positions

Indoor Cycling Bike Maintenance Tip

I loved Barbara Hoots’ suggestion that successful businesses are continually offering New or Improved products/services and are always Improving! These changes don’t have to be huge – something as simple as ensuring that the fit of each Indoor Cycle in your studio is the same could be an improvement. Here’s why…

What’s my number?

When you fit new riders to your Indoor Cycles you tell them their numbers; Seat is hole 6, seat slider is X, handle bar height is Y, etc… You may write them down on a note card and riders depend on these setting marks/numbers being accurate, regardless of which bike they ride.

This past Thursday morning I set up my Instructor bike, jumped on and knew immediately that something was wrong. I felt like I was sitting way forward of my normal position. Jumped off and checked the slider position – It was exactly where I always have it. Jumped back on and still felt like I sitting too far forward… and just lived with it while I taught my class.

I checked afterward to see what was causing my concern and it was as I suspected – someone must have switched out this bike and this saddle was installed in a different position, all the way to the front of the seat post = although I had adjusted the slider correctly the saddle was still to far forward.

You’ll need a wrench to fix this.

Saddle Fore and Aft position can be change in two ways. How you’re familiar, using the adjuster knob or pin and sliding position – or – by loosening the nut that holds the two seat rails to the slider assembly. Each saddle should have been installed in the same position – operative word here being should, they almost never are.

Here’s a video I made showing Spinner NXT’s and how you can check that each saddle is installed correctly. NOTE: every Indoor Cycle and bicycle saddle adjusts on the rails the same way – how you measure the position, in relation to the slider, will be different between the various brands.


While you’re at it, I suggest checking that each seat is level. Dead level is typically best for men and women. You’re measuring from the high-points (not the center depression) on either side, to the nose of the saddle.

550 version of saddle tool



Discounts on Indoor Cycle Replacement Parts

Spinner NXT and PRO Indoor Cycle repair partsDiscount code [this promotion has ended] replacement and maintenance parts + tools for most brands of Indoor Cycles!

Bill and I are committed to helping Indoor Cycling Studios be as profitable as possible. This special arrangement with parts distributor Sportsmith should help take some of the sting out of purchasing commonly needed replacement parts for your studio. They also offer a wide selection of specialty tools which may help you save additional money by making repairs yourself.

Do you use Schwinn Triple Link Pedals?

Spinner bike Best Price schwinn triple link pedals

Have you considered Schwinn Triple Link Pedals as an upgrade for your Indoor Cycling bikes? Realizing that you will need to purchase 20 – 50 of these pedals and a small savings can really add up, I did some research and found that appears to currently offer the best pricing on Schwinn Triple Link Pedals.

If you are using these pedals you may want to check out the Red Pedal Tool (my very own invention) that solves the problem of safely removing the shoe basket without hurting yourself 🙂