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A veteran Star 3 Spinning® instructor from Albany, Georgia, Barbara is passionate about spreading the joy of indoor cycling to students of all ages and fitness levels. An expert at creating unique environments which foster nonjudgmental, noncompetitive ambiance, Barbara can transform any existing space into an energy-filled studio using her skillful application of lighting, design and sound. In addition to launching new programs, she lectures on how to gain and sustain student momentum and teaches empowerment rides for athletes, Wounded Warriors, and students of addiction recovery. Barbara recently designed studios for Half Moon Resort in Jamaica, Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, and the U.S. Army at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

2013 Indoor Cycling Trends

Indoor Cycling Studio Design

Just a few trends I’ve seen in 2012 that are moving smartly into 2013.

Dual fitness offerings – boutique cycling studios are now combining TRX, Pilates, personal training, yoga, etc. The ideal studio space required to provide these amenities is running 3000 sq ft. and above.

Ambient features are now included in the start up budget…no longer an option but a must have on opening day. Even the big box gyms are installing LED lighting and promoting the entire mind/body ride concept. If the corporate giants are starting to figure it out, boutique studios must stay ahead of the game and keep adding more….video, performance tracking, etc.

Benefit rides are all the rage. If your studio doesn’t offer yearly at least ONE cancer/special olympics, etc. ride with proceeds going to a local charity, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to recruit new members and establish yourself as a forward thinking fitness organization. My studio hosts 2-3 benefit rides per year….I have tons of resources if anyone is interested.

SPD’s required…no longer an option in many studios. The shift has been strong in 2012 for clips only. As you know, I’m working with Pearl and others to provide dealer status to studios. Stocking rental shoes is the accepted norm now.

Studio Logo/Names – The swoosh image on a bike has seen its day and new designs for studios are clean, more Euro, and less nosiy…..very clean. simple.

Websites – look impressive. No longer are GoDaddy “do it yourself” websites cutting it. Clients are sinking tons of money into edgy website experiences….check out my latest project:

And puh-leeeese, studio owners! Hire a consultant to check your site for grammatical errors, incorrect usage of cycling terms, and red flags that shout “little details don’t matter” to your customers. I’ve found so many spelling/punctuation/redundancy/inaccurate info on cycling sites. Studio owners are cutting back funds and creating the text themselves…or worse, they’re plagiarizing from other sites.

Studio names. Guys, if your don’t trademark, anyone can use your studio name…it’s up to you to protect it. I’m aware studios in different cities with the same name. I asked one why she had not trademarked for protection, and her reply was, “haven’t gotten around to it….” Please Include legal fees in your startup budget.

Branding…’s the name of the game. Everything from clothing to bumper stickers…studios are blowing it up with marketing and creating a buzz with super cool gear with a logo recognized immediately. Friday night wine tasting after a ride, guest celebrity chefs, fitness lectures…etc. We are creating a community, not just a cycling studio. See me for more info.


Welcome to the NEW world of indoor cycling! Eucalyptus-scented chilled towels, a post-ride massage, signature locker room amenities, bikes that monitor your performance and scheduling software that allows you to reserve a specific bike are just a few of the trends emerging in this wildly popular fitness addiction.

Boutique neighborhood studios are now combining indoor cycling with Pilates, personal training, barre and yoga classes. Imagine a high energy Spin® class followed by restorative yoga, and you’ve found the perfect respite to your hectic day.


Studio ambience is first and foremost in the minds of new studio owners. Clients are
now asking for custom logo flywheels, pre-opening storefront windows, remote controlled lighting, wall murals, sleek and powerful sound systems, curved tinted glass walls, instructor platforms for team rides, and acoustic ceiling panels.

Indoor Cycle Design collaborates with the best names in the industry (FreeMotion™, Keiser®, Star Trac®, Schwinn®, Performance IQ®, ZingFit®, etc.), to provide clients substantial discounts on products that not only withstand the rigors of a cycling class, but also provide functional beauty and quality. From logo design and pre-opening marketing to flooring and microphones, my goal is to ensure your ultimate success.

Check out Indoor Cycle Design’s newest studios opening soon:
The Art of Spyn in Washington, D.C. –
Breakaway Cycle in LaJolla, California –


More openings are scheduled to launch this fall in London, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Need ideas to spice up your studio? Visit my Indoor Cycling Studio Design website and Facebook

The Magic of Light

When teaching becomes a burden and class attendance starts to wane, try this savvy little trick to boost enthusiasm and rekindle the fire.  Plug in the lights!

But not your mother’s lights!  I’m talking professional grade, LED color wash can fixtures.  Plug in a few of these babies around the perimeter of your room and instantly transform a mundane studio and ho-hum class into something spectacular.  American DJ’s new ProPAR 56RGB is an RGB color mixing fixture that plugs in to any standard outlet.   For about $280 each, these lights last almost forever and can shine still light or change colors to the beat of your music when switched to Sound Active mode.  I like to place cans on the floor of my studio and shine them towards the ceiling to add dimension and create a unique vibe in the room.

Face it.  Kitchens and bathrooms need updating.  Homes need fresh paint and new wallpaper.  Why is your cycling studio any different?  Make a simple investment and enjoy the rewards.  Your students will brag to their friends about the “new cool lights” and the best instructors in town will all want to teach at YOUR studio.

This lighting tip is courtesy of Barbara Hoots from SpinStudio Design, a CyclingStudio.Org partner