The art of “content marketing” to find more customers. Real world examples.

A few weeks ago, we posted an article called “Inbound marketing / Content marketing for cycling studios”. If you are interested in innovative marketing, it’s a pretty good primer on how you can build community and awareness online — and most important, get more customers!

The main point of that post was that an important part of your marketing should be creating “content” that is informative, interesting, or entertaining to your target audience.  In other words not just BLASTING THEM WITH SALES MESSAGES.  Blasting with sales messages is OK occasionally, but if that is all you do, your audience begins to tune out….or worse, they unsubscribe to your online efforts.

OK, what does this really mean?  What are examples of “content marketing”.  Take a look at these blog posts by cycling studios in Philadelphia, Oregon and Boston, and you will see three very good examples of what we are talking about.

  1. BodyCycle Studio in Philadelphia:  Indoor Cycling is an awesome exercise for runners
  2. JoyRide Cycling Studio in Salem OR:  Weight loss goals still on your to do list?
  3. Spynergy Cycling Studio in Wellesley, MA:  Favorite songs for 2010 playlists

These are all different approaches to content — but all are interesting and do not explicitly sell the studio.   When done right, this kind of marketing add to your website’s “findability” on Google, builds a community feel, and gets you new customers.   Do you have ideas of your own?  Love to hear them.

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