Simply Brilliant!

Are you offering care for young children during some or all of your scheduled classes?

Nope, are you kidding? I don’t have the space, can’t afford the staff, etc..

Then read on because I just saw something awesome…

Other than the hours just after work, the clubs where I teach all appear to be busiest between 9:00 and 11:00. Fitness / Indoor Cycling classes that fall around this time are affectionately known as “housewives classes” for good reason; they tend to be populated by stay-at-home moms, looking for a break from their kids.

The promise of a few hours by themselves or with friends, afforded by free daycare, is irresistible for many mothers. My two girls practically grew up at the Flagship Athletic Club (now the Eden Prairie Life Time Athletic ) where my wife Amy has taught since 1994. Sure it was just supervised play for the kids, but so what? They’re kids and as long as Amy knew they were safe she could enjoy her two hours of freedom.

I see that big-box clubs, that offer free or inexpensive child care, having a distinct advantage over the typical small boutique fitness studio. Their sheer size allows them to have a dedicated space and the necessary staff,  needed to offer this incentive.

So how do you compete?

I suggest looking closely at what Studio owner Joe Ducosin is offering moms with young kids through a partnership with another local company.

Little Wing School of Rock partnership at CycleQuest Studio

This is a music program for children 2-6 years. The 2-3 is with the parent and the 4-6 is a drop-off program.

Certain Little Wing classes are scheduled concurrently with a cycling class at CycleQuest Studio so parents can get in a great workout while their child learns the art of music.

Welcome to Little Wing, the most innovative music classes for your toddler. At Little Wing we are all about enabling age-appropriate creativity and confidence. Music is that magical avenue into a little soul with untapped ideas, images, and movement. We aim to unearth that potential.

Hosted at CycleQuest Studio and infused with rock music, these little artists explore rhythm patterns, tonal processing, basic music syntax, and make emotional connections to great music. Confidence emerges leading them down their own little creative journey. We are looking to contribute to the full development of confident, imaginative, young children, who go out and inspire their world.

Here’s the awesome part – Joe charges for these classes that are combined with classes of his own 🙂

Now I realise that you don’t have the Little Wing School of Rock near your studio – but I’m willing to bet there is something similar. It maybe an art class, dance or a martial arts class provider you could partner with.

If one of my kids came home and performed this for me, you’d have me until they started school.

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  1. Hi John,

    I’m hoping to be able to do something similar when my studio opens. The shopping center that houses my studio is also home to a franchise operation called “The Little Gym” (kind of like Gymboree) – just a few doors down from my studio. It was one of the reasons I chose this particular location. I figure Mom can drop the kids off at the Little Gym for their dance, gymnastics, or karate class, then pop over to my studio for her own workout – there might even be time for them to grab a cup of coffee at the cozy little coffee shop located a few doors in the other direction! I also plan to offer some specific classes geared toward new moms with young babies (pre-mobile infants). I’m calling them “Bootie Camp” (“bootcamp” style classes) and “Bootie Cycle” – mom can bring baby in the cycling room, lights will be kept up, and music kept low, and mom can get in a good cardio workout with baby nearby.

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