Marketing your cycling or Spinning® studio effectively

Yes, you will do ads and direct mail……but in our experience there are 3 Core “Planks” to make your studio successful.

First, making your business “findable” online is one of the best things you can do to get new customers.   For a cycling studio this is Marketing Plank #1.   To learn a bit about this whole topic, you can read the Spynergy Consulting blog post called “Hey, it’s your Google Rank” man, where we discuss the idea of an “online foot print”.   Getting found by search engines is not about spending a bunch of money on Google Adwords, or SEO services……it’s about:

a) doing some basics on your core site
b) having regular, relevant content posted to your site (blogging)
c) encouraging inbound links from other credible sites.

Based on my studio’s 7-year history, along with online “findability” there are two other “planks” necessary to spur word of mouth and build your business.

Marketing Plank #2: Email marketing — Use Constant Contact templates.  For $15 a month (free if you are an MBO customer) you can set up a Constant Contact account and start gathering names of potential customers.  This database will be hugely valuable to you later.  If you are looking for ideas for your newsletter or email promotions, we have done hundreds at Spynergy and would be happy to discuss.

Marketing Plank #3:  Guerilla marketing — This includes things like cross-promotions with neighbors, studio events, fundraisers, school cooperation, and more.  Done well, this is powerful……and generally cheap.  It also connects you to a community in powerful ways.  Be sure to plan some of this in your annual marketing plan.

Bill Pryor is principal at Spynergy Consulting, specializing in cycling studio start-ups and marketing he can be reached at

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Studio owner since 2004 and active in business plan and marketing plans for multiple cycling studios around the US and Canada. Devoted outside and inside rider, father of 3, teacher of 3-5 classes per week.

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