Marketing survey results for studio owners…What works?

How do we find and retain customers for our studios?  Good question……and a number of CyclingStudio.Org members have now weighed in!   A few weeks ago, studio owners were  surveyed and  asked about their usage of various marketing tools —- and then to rank the effectiveness of these tools.   Findings will be published on the CyclingStudio.Org website over the next few weeks, here are a few interesting results to consider

  1. What best defines your facility? 40% of respondents were single purpose cycling studios, 24% also offered other group exercise or personal training, 12% were involved with indoor cycling programs at large multi-purpose centers.
  2. What marketing activities do you spend time on?
    – 63% have spent time or money on Facebook
    – 60% have spent time or money on email marketing campaigns
    – 43% have bought local print advertising
    – 43% have done partnering / cross promoting with local businesses
    – 40% have had fundraisers or in-studio events
    – 36% have spent time or money on PR or press releases
    – 30% are engaged in blogging
    – 30% have spent time or money “optimizing” website for search
    – Less than 20% have spent time on:  YouTube, Direct mail, Paid online ads
  3. Other than “Word of Mouth” what are the most effective ways you are finding new customers!
    Most effective: Email marketing, Signage, Getting found on online Searches, Social media
    Medium effective: Fundraisers/Events, PR & publicity, Partnering & Cross promoting with other businesses
    – Least effective: Print advertising, Direct mail, Online paid ads (Yelp, Google, Facebook)

Note:  several owners also mentioned the power of special (discount) promotions. Groupon etc., but also “buy 10, get 2 free” type promotions.

It is a little arbitrary to separate these things because often they work together, but it is still interesting to note which things studio owners are finding useful and successful.   What are you doing that works!  We’d love to know.

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