Host a Global Ride Tour de Premiere at your studio!


Global Ride Productions Launches Tour de Premieres in 9 Cities!

Contact them if you would like to host this event. Webpage dedicated to the tour, or call our office at 877-322-3355.

It started as just a simple response to good sales reports about our DVDs. We saw that year after year our biggest seller was the Hawaii series, despite the fact that it was the first set, shot in SD instead of HD and that they were only 50 minutes long instead of an hour. This fact surprised me as we went through all the data, and as a result, we decided to head to Hawaii as soon as Winter Training was over to re-shoot those amazing islands in high def, and with 5 cameras instead of our previous 2.

As time grew close and we got more excited about it, we decided to put mics on both myself and Tom Scotto so we could both be teaching, coaching and conversing while on the road, with the indoor class in mind at all times. We did that in the Spain series (which was still being edited), and it worked “swimmingly” as they say.

When we added the fact that all of the riders were a part of either Winter Training or some other service that Cycling Fusion had offered, we had an incredible group in one of the most incredible places in the world. Once we started to film, we got more and more ideas for how the various roads could be used in indoor cycling classes, and what was originally a 2 to 3 day filming plan turned into a “filming whenever we were riding” plan.

While we started out with the desire to film enough for just 3 DVDs from the two islands of Hawaii (The “Big Island”) and Kauai, we ended up filming enough for a triple box set for each Island. That’s 6 DVDs!

Between preparations and on-site filming, we were out of the studio for 3 weeks – giving our editors just enough time to get the Spain Series well underway by the time we got back. They would be ready to go soon, and we knew we wanted Hawaii DVDs ready for this winter season as well. As we discussed how we will get the word out that we have 9 new titles available, we recalled how we did our first 10 city tour in 11 days from coast to coast – showing Virtual Cycling to most clubs for their very first time. It wasn’t but a few minutes and it became clear that this would be the ideal time to RE-INTRODUCE the Hawaii series once again – by traveling city to city and using different clubs to showcase different DVDs – a different DVD at each club would require 9 premiere locations.

To make it even more exciting, we have decided to record the audio from each premiere event – both the coaching and the entire classroom sounds – and put it on the DVD as one of the coaching tracks. Since we would have to wait until the premiere was over to finish the DVD, we decided also to put the Studio that hosts the event on the jacket as well – photo and website – as a perk for hosting the event.

So, we have put together a schedule and have 2 out of the 9 sites confirmed, but we still need 7 more sites to host Tom Scotto as he hits the road in just 2 weeks to begin the Tour De Premieres – where we seek to be in a different city every 2 weeks. This is a great marketing and exposure opportunity for Cycling Studios, and for those he has to fly to, he will come in a day early or stay a day later and conduct additional educational workshops for Instructors or just members – it’s up to each Owner to decide.

If you are interested, please see more details on our webpage dedicated to the tour, or call our office at 877-322-3355.

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