Do cycling studios slow down in the Summer?…..yes, enjoy it.

It’s not just that people are riding outside….it’s that people’s patterns change during the summer and that regular spin classes or indoor cycling classes might very well be one of the things that suffers.  There is an interesting blog post on this topic at Spynergy Consulting

As noted, there are things that can be done to minimize the damage (special promotions, student rates, groupon discounts, etc.) but there’s another interesting way to think about the Summer if you haven’t already.   Rather than beating your head against the wall trying to dream up ways of driving folks into your studio, why not spend the time doing some of the things you have put off all year.  Good examples:

  1. Developing your full blown Fall and Winter marketing plan……in detail
  2. Re-furbishing, re-painting and generally re-juvenating your studio
  3. Cleaning and updating your mailing list, website,  flyers and signage
  4. Recruiting new top notch instructors
  5. Stocking up your studio and sound system supplies
  6. Hone your finest playlists, can cook up awesome new ones.

And maybe most importantly of all??!!   Slow down and take a deep breath. Especially if you’ve been teaching 3-6 classes a week for the past 10 months, why not take some time off, re-charge your batteries, do yoga, take walks (or even “real” bike rides).   You many not think it, but I’ll bet you are a bit mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually a little burned out from bringing your “A” game to the studio day in / day out for a lot of the last year.  A little R&R will be good for you, good for the studio, and good for the customers.   Get ready to charge right back in this coming Fall!

Read more about Summer Marketing for Fitness and Cycling Studios…..Take a Deep Breath.

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Studio owner since 2004 and active in business plan and marketing plans for multiple cycling studios around the US and Canada. Devoted outside and inside rider, father of 3, teacher of 3-5 classes per week.

2 thoughts on “Do cycling studios slow down in the Summer?…..yes, enjoy it.

  1. Nice article Bill. I know we’ve been gritting our teeth as summer finally is arriving in Oregon and I am sure other new studio owners are nervous as well. So this was a nice reminder that we knew it was coming and we are prepared.

    Like you we planned for the slow down and are ready financially even if our worst fears come to pass. As I mentioned in my reply to Spook about his Tour Info, we are planning some special video rides, etc. and are going to use the time to test out some ideas and make plans for fall. I’m attending the IDEA Conference in LA in August (because I can do so inexpensively at a time when we will be slow anyway and I can be away) so I’ll come back with lots of new ideas, power training to go with the consoles we just got, etc. It will feel good to get the mental batteries recharged.

    This was a nice reminder that we are on track and can look forward to this time instead of dreading it.


  2. Hi All,
    We are probably the exception in south Georgia. Our classes continue to be packed all summer because it’s unbearably hot and humid outdoors. However, we use Summer to bring in special guest instructors from Mad Dogg, offer instructor orientation classes, and launched 2 new weekly Spin 101 classes which have been insanely popular. We also added two 65″ tv’s and promote special rides: Woodstock, Prince vs Michael Jackson Spinoff, The Outlaw ride, and Journey to Jamaica. Marketing needs to be a bit different in the summer. We also offer a teen ride for students out of school and cross training for tennis and soccer kids. Just a few ideas that have worked well for us.


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