Hosting an Indoor Cycling Certification at your Club or Studio



Where can I find certified Indoor Cycling Instructors? Great question. Depending on where you’re located, the population of qualified Instructors can be quite low… and they are all gainfully employed. Your best option is to post your listing on this instructor jobs board.

On the other side of this, we frequently hear from people who are interested in teaching, but can’t find a certification that’s close enough to attend – or the next scheduled event is 6 or more months off in the future.

Now I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few (or more) passionate participants who sound and look like they would make fabulous Instructors. So maybe the solution for solving both problems is to host a certification at your own studio and create a few new Instructors!

While I was recording Schwinn Cycling Master Trainer Denise Druce last week, I asked if she ever conducts certifications and/or continuing education workshop at independent studios (she does) and she told me how Schwinn loves requests from clubs and studios interested in hosting an Instructor certification.

You can virtually meet Denise in this video.

She asked that I share this with you:

Are you interested in hosting an Indoor Cycle Certification course at your facility?

Schwinn Cycling Certification is the industry’s most respected and progressive indoor cycling instructor-training course.

In one power-packed day your instructors will have the tools they need to become a successful and sought-after instructor on any bike.

This critically-acclaimed certification includes bike fit, cycling science, class design, music, and the Schwinn® Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, a specialized system that makes teaching simple for you and an incredible experience for your students.

Email Denise Druce at to find out how you can schedule the course that offers continually updated material, making this the one certification worth repeating to refresh  at your skills and inspire your teaching.

**Minimum of 20 registered participants at $219 per person.

Denise provided me with this sample handout used by a studio that recently hosted a certification.





5 thoughts on “Hosting an Indoor Cycling Certification at your Club or Studio

  1. I forgot to add that you don’t need to have Schwinn cycles to host one of these certifications. Their methodology of training Instructors is very solid and would make an excellent first initial certification – regardless of the brand you’re pedaling.

  2. I am the Group Fitness Director at the Flagstaff Athletic Club in Flagstaff, Arizona. I would be interested in hosting a certification training. Could I have more information and the names of your trainers.

    Thank you,

  3. I am the owner of Sweatshop on Central in Phoenix Arizona. I would be interested in possibly hosting an indoor cycling teacher certification in our studio. Please send us more information.

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