Are great cycling instructors born or made?

Are great cycling instructors born or made?  Seriously, what do you think?  This is the old “nature” versus “nurture” argument.  Are you the way you are because you inherited certain abilities?  Or because you learned and developed skills along the way?  Most people would say it is some combination — but I have heard vastly different estimates of how much is really “nature” and how much is “nurture”.

I have hired dozens of indoor cycling instructors over the past 5 years and personally, I think it’s at least 80% nature.  In other words great instructors are born….not made.  You can help them a bit, educate them a bit, motivate them a bit…..all that helps,  but if they don’t have those special qualities of energy and the ability to communicate and engage in front of a group?   You are not likely to help them gain them.  These are innate skills that cannot be easily taught.   Do you agree?   Can you train someone to be a great instructor?

Note:  for the purposes of this discussion….”great” means only one thing:  the ability to fill-up classes.  The viability and existence of a studio is totally dependent on filling classes, so no instructor can be considered “great” unless they get that done.

This is just my opinion….and I would LOVE to hear opinions from others!   I’d love to hear examples too.

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