The Thing About Content Marketing

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Is you never know who will see it… or what will come from it 🙂

I’ve written here frequently about Content Marketing to attract new customers to your Club or Studio. I see it as a simple, effective and most importantly FREE method of becoming more findable online.

Here’s a great example of how Content Marketing can work for you and how it could lead to new and unexpected results.

In August 2010 IDEA launched their new FitnessConnect Professional Directory. Recognizing this as something very cool I wrote a number of articles about FitnessConnect and then interviewed a representative from IDEA for an episode of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast.

My interest in writing the articles and producing the Podcast was two fold:

  1. I see the FitnessConnect professional directory as an excellent free service that every Instructor and Studio owner should be taking advantage of. I list a number of reasons why here.
  2. IDEA is the largest fitness education provider in the USA. Instructors go there looking for fitness education and many are Indoor Cycling Instructors = my target market for my ICI/PRO service. I created Content (articles and Podcasts) about FitnessConnect in the hope that an Instructor looking for information on FitnessConnect in Google would find (Marketing)

But I didn’t expect this:  

Dear John,

I’m currently writing an article about IDEA FitnessConnect (IFC) for IDEA Fitness Journal (scheduled for publication January 2012). The article will highlight the impact IFC has had on the industry, as well as, fitness professionals since its launch.

I came across your Fitness Studio Marketing blog/podcast and listened to your interview with Mike Bannan. Your enthusiasm for helping fit pros better market themselves lends itself to this article very well. I think our readers would find great value in hearing your comments with respect to IFC.

This same kind of request could come from your local newspaper for the simple reason that reporters, like the one who contacted me, use Google for research. You just need to create something for them to find.

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