Marketing your new studio step #1 – set up your Google Places page

Spinning Studio need a Google Places listing
And it's FREE!

Once you have your lease signed, but before building a web site, or setting up Mind Body Online, your next step should be to tell Google Places all about your new studio. Here’s why:

  • There maybe some lead time before you listing goes live. Google verifies every new listing through a verification process. In the past they would just have their robot call your number. Lately they have been sending out a post card (2-3 weeks) that contains the verification code you need before approving your new listing.
  • Early word – of – mouth needs to be tied a place on line. Once you start telling people about your new studio, word can spread like wildfire… except many will only hear and remember bits and pieces. If your Google Places page is setup correctly any search for [spin studio in (your town)] should display your listing. Seeing is believing. If a prospective client finds you on line they will know all the details they need to look for you the next time they are near by.
  • Early media exposure needs something to link to. The¬†ad rep from your local shopper¬†magazine could show up while you are still sanding drywall. Be ready to give them a link they can include in an article they offer to write.
  • Google trusts its self. If not done correctly, your new website may take months before Google will display it on the first page of results. But your Google Places page can appear at the top within minutes of completing the verification process.
  • Google values links to and from Google Places. Once your website is completed, linking to and from your Places page confirms that your new site is in fact connected to your studio.
  • Other Social sites like Yelp, Bing and others build their listings from Google Places listings. Actually this works both ways; if Yelp sees a listing in Google Places they don’t have, they will add it to their site, using the information from the original:)

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