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A big part of making your studio’s website findable is having links back to it from other web sites. But not just any web site will do. The relevance and authority of the site linking back to you is very important. Think of it this way. Two people give you stock tips; George Costanza (from Seinfeld) and Bill Gates. Who’s tip will you be more likely to follow?

Google and Bing look at links the same way and they weigh the value of each link based on credibility – measured by what’s called Page Rank of the site linking back to you. So a link from your neighborhood deli doesn’t have near the effect as say a link from a large web site like YouTube. That’s why we ask studio owners to create some short videos, so we can link back to your web site.

Another place you can get a number of very important links is at IDEAFit.com. IDEA is creating the worlds largest (searchable) database of Fitness Professionals and Fitness Facilities / Studios on the Internet. Their web site has a high page rank and your studio’s web site will be improved by adding your listing there.  http://www.ideafit.com/fitnessconnect/signup

Here is how I would recommend you approach this. First create a Instructor Profile for yourself if you don’t already have one. If you have a national certification like ACE, AFAA or NASM you will already be listed. Then create your studio listing and in the section where it asks for your Blog or web site add your web site’s URL. Then ask all your Instructors to create their own profiles and have each profile linking back to you.

Listen to my Podcast about IDEA’s Fitness Connect Instructor and Studio Profiles here at Fitness Studio Marketing to learn more.

Findability Tip: Always use the complete URL whenever you are linking back to your site. Using http://www.MYSTUDIO.com instead of just www.MYSTUDIO.com will cause your link to show as a highlighted – clickable link in many places… which is exactly what you want 🙂

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