Has anyone proofread your website? Part 2

In Part 1 I discussed the importance of having someone else proofread your website. The idea is to go beyond typos and miss-spellings and check for missing critical information and then test that all your links work properly.

I’ve shared this story about  number of times about a Studio Owner I met on a flight back from last year’s IDEA Fitness convention. The short version… I wanted to contact this person, except I lost her business card. I remembered her first name, the city where her studio is located and that her primary focus was Personal Training. Armed with this info and the power of Google search, you would think I would be able to find her studio, right? Nope. I found multiple Personal Training business, but not her’s.

Here’s where I got confused… I later found her business card and called her. During the conversation I told her how I was unable to find her using the Google. She didn’t want to hear it. She actually got defensive and told me she wouldn’t want any client who found her studio online. She only wanted customers who came to her via a word of mouth recommendation.

Does that make sense to you?

Maybe she had a bad experience that makes her overly cautious or she isn’t comfortable with computers. It may also be that she had someone create a website for her who told her everything had already been done. We hear this a lot;”the person who built my website told me it could take months before is will show up in search engine results.” Not true. The sites I build typically show up the same day.

As a business owner, can you afford not to be found online?

Have you had someone proofread your website’s online findability for?

  • Search Engine results in Google, Yahoo & Bing?
  • Places (Maps) Listings?
  • Mobile search results?
  • Social Network sites like FaceBook, Yelp & IDEA’s Fitness Connect?
  • Do you have an understanding of the traffic your website gets each month?

It’s not enough to think “I have a website” and call it good. Will people find it when they are searching for a business similar to yours? Is your website and other listings bringing you actual customers?

Will you take the steps necessary to fix it if you find a problem?

I’m offering to proofread CyclingStudio.org member websites for free over the month of June. Contact me to to learn more john@indoorcycleinstructor.com

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