Example of content marketing for related local events


Example of local event content marketing
In ten minutes I have the #1 listing

You have heard Bill Pryor and I discuss how powerful content marketing can be because it works! Your goal is to have potential clients find your website and someone interested in a local Cycling Expo couldn’t be a better match!

In all of ten minutes I have the top listing that answers a typical question someone is asking online. Here’s what happened and how I got on the front page of Google:

  1. My wife Amy called me this morning on her way to the club. “Did you know there is Bike Expo at the Eden Prairie community center?”
  2. I didn’t, so I Googled;┬áBike Expo Eden Prairie community center and found the cities website where they have a page that describes the; What, When and Where details.
  3. I created the post below and gave it the title; When is the Eden Prairie cycling expo?
  4. In the post I added the What, When and Where details.
  5. I also copied the cities header banner to use as the post image – and I added Eden Prairie┬áBike Expo to the image’s meta description.
  6. Because of how this website is configured, when I click “Publish” Google is notified. My new post appeared almost instantly ­čÖé
  7. If I had an actual studio, would have placed some type of discount offer at the end of the post. Be creative. Local businesses have been asking us to “bring in the stub from your movie ticket” since movie┬átheaters first opened.

Now in case you’re thinking; “John, who really does stuff like this?” Check out this post http://lakeplaceapartments.myaptportal.com/around-town/cycling-expo-comes-to-eden-prairie-on-may-7/ on the website for a local apartment building. They understand the value of content marketing. Notice that they are targeting the exactly what I was posting about… except they aren’t on the first page.

Why does this work for me, but the apartment’s website isn’t on the first page?

  • Google understands that cyclingstudio.org is about cycling (as your site should be). Most of the content here talks about Indoor Cycling, bikes or fitness. The apartment building is trying to be about everything, but nothing in specific.
  • So how did I find the apartment website? They have an image tagged with Eden Prairie Cycling Expo that is in the top line of the image search results.

Go to your local Whole Foods and grab all the free community newspapers. Find fitness related events and start getting found online. Part of the┬árelevance of any page is it’s age – older tends to be better. Most local events are scheduled months in advance so you can get a jump on your competitors if you get your post up first.

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